Worried Whippet : A Book of Bravery (For Adults and Kids Struggling with Anxiety)-9781400242122

Worried Whippet : A Book of Bravery (For Adults and Kids Struggling with Anxiety)

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There's so much to be anxious about in this world: meeting new people, unfamiliar sounds, and worst of all, the seagulls that try to steal your chips. Worried Whippet counters that anxiety with humor and heartfelt inspiration. Worried Whippet is a whimsically illustrated book that inspires you to take a cue from one anxious little dog, to muster up your courage, and step out into the world with hope.

Follow along as one fearful little whippet named Jess, made popular on TikTok and Instagram, journeys out of her cozy bed to join her friends and conquer all the things that scare her most. In these pages, you fill find:Simple, yet profound, short stories on bravery, featuring Jess and her friends. Encouraging messages for adults coping with anxiety (that kids will also understand)Inspiration for overcoming irrational fear and becoming a little braver every day. Musings on friendship, love, and happiness. Illustrations featuring English beaches and countrysides that will translate worry into whimsy for adults and kids. This is a fantastic gift to give for graduations, birthdays, holidays, Mother's Day, Father's Day, National Dog Day, National Brave Day, pet adoptions, as a gift of encouragement, or for anyone who loves dogs. Keep Calm and Whippet On.


Author(s): Bolton, Jess,
Binding: Hardback,
Date of Publication: 14/09/2023,
Pagination: 128 pages,
Series: N/A,
Imprint: Harper Celebrate,
Published By: HarperCollins Focus,
Book Classification: Fiction & related items,
ISBN13\EAN\SKU: 9781400242122