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You Do Have the Authority Here! : #What Would Jackie Weaver Do?-9781408716021

You Do Have the Authority Here! : #What Would Jackie Weaver Do?

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Published 16th September

What would lockdown internet sensation Britney Spears aka Jackie Weaver do? Are you tired of being patronised, talked over and told to READ THE STANDING ORDERS? (Perhaps not that last one.)For every woman who has endured that I-know-what's-best-for-you tone, this is the book for you. The feminist political icon we didn't know we needed, the indomitable Jackie Weaver shares her own standing orders for life:* Zoom etiquette (don't be another Julie's iPad)* Asserting yourself in the workplace* Making change in your local community* Dealing with tiresome men who go on and on (and on)No-nonsense, witty and incisive, Jackie Weaver will show you that you do have the authority here. This is an essential handbook for getting things done without fuss, keeping cool in the face of adversity and pressing mute on the noise.

Author: Weaver, Jackie, Binding: Hardback, Imprint: Little, Brown, Series: N/A, Publisher: Little, Brown Book Group, Published: 16/09/2021, Pagination: 144 pages, Classification: Lifestyle, sport & leisure, Country of Publication: United Kingdom