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Me, My Dad and the End of the Rainbow-9781471199738

Me, My Dad and the End of the Rainbow

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My name's Archie Albright, and I know two things for certain: 1.

My mum and dad kind of hate each other, and they're not doing a great job of pretending that they don't anymore. 2. They're both keeping a secret from me, but I can't figure out what.

Things aren't going great for Archie Albright. His dad's acting weird, his mum too, and all he wants is for everything to go back to normal, to three months before when his parents were happy and still lived together. When Archie sees a colourful, crumpled flyer fall out of Dad's pocket, he thinks he may have found the answer.

Only problem? The answer might just lie at the end of the rainbow, an adventure away. Together with his best friends, Bell and Seb, Archie sets off on a heartwarming and unforgettable journey to try and fix his family, even if he has to break a few rules to do it...

Author: Dean, Benjamin, Prabhat, Sandhya, Binding: Paperback, Imprint: Simon & Schuster Childrens Books, Series: N/A, Publisher: Simon & Schuster Ltd, Published: 04/02/2021, Pagination: 352 pages, Classification: Children's, young adult & educational, Country of Publication: United Kingdom