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The RAF Association Puzzle Book : Do You Have What It Takes to Fly with the Best?-9781472145321

The RAF Association Puzzle Book : Do You Have What It Takes to Fly with the Best?

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An aircraft- and flight-themed puzzle book compiled by Dr Gareth Moore, author of the bestselling Mindfulness Puzzle Books among many others, done with the support of The RAF Association, a membership organisation and registered charity that has been providing welfare support to the RAF family for over 90 years. Their membership of 74,000 includes serving RAF personnel, veterans and members of the public. Pilots need to be able to think quickly and react immediately to unexpected, complex situations.

This book consists of puzzles that test a wide range of skills that might be expected of a pilot. The book's five chapters cover: Cognitive challengesPuzzles which require the reader to solve logic puzzles of a range of types, testing many different types of reasoning skill. Just as pilots have to do, the puzzles require readers to focus on both the big picture - what they are trying to achieve - and the small picture of each individual deduction or decision.

Survival skillsThe challenges in this section are all about speed. No complex logic is required, but all of the puzzles must be solved as quickly as possible - though without making any mistakes. This reflects a pilot's need to make quick, accurate decisions while flying.

Author: Moore, Dr Gareth, Binding: Paperback, Imprint: Robinson, Series: N/A, Publisher: Little, Brown Book Group, Published: 03/09/2020, Pagination: 256 pages, Classification: Lifestyle, sport & leisure, Country of Publication: United Kingdom