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Subterranea : Discovering the Earth's Extraordinary Hidden Depths-9781472272324

Subterranea : Discovering the Earth's Extraordinary Hidden Depths

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'AN ORIGINAL AND TIMELY ODYSSEY INTO OUR MYSTERIOUS UNDERWORLD ... THRILLING PROOF THAT SCIENCE AND IMAGINATION SHARE THE GROUND BENEATH OUR FEET' Nicholas Crane, presenter of BBC2's Coast and Great British JourneysIf you were to peel back the Earth's surface like an orange, then take a sly peek underneath, what extraordinary things would you see?Subterranea is where the world's remaining mysteries are yet to be found. For millennia, across nations and cultures, it has been a hotbed of fantastical stories.

It's where humans have kept their most sacred treasures and their darkest secrets. It's where we have found evidence of our past and may, at some point, find an escape route for our uncertain future. But what would we find there today? From the underground cities of Cappadocia to smuggling tunnels on the US-Mexico border, caves full of tiny blind dragons and a seed vault located 1300km inside the Arctic circle, Subterranea demonstrates that the world below our feet is every bit as vivid and evocative as the world we see around us.

Lavishly illustrated and replete with maps and photographs of little-explored locations, Subterranea is the unique, untold and utterly unforgettable story of our planet from the inside.

Author: Fitch, Chris, Binding: Hardback, Imprint: Wildfire, Series: N/A, Publisher: Headline Publishing Group, Published: 03/09/2020, Pagination: 240 pages, Classification: Mathematics & science, Country of Publication: United Kingdom