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A Monk's Guide to Happiness : Meditation in the 21st century-9781473696686

A Monk's Guide to Happiness : Meditation in the 21st century

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We're all on a search for happiness, but we're looking in the wrong places. Everyone looks externally to find contentment, we think material possessions will unlock our happiness. A Monk's Guide to Happiness explains how and why we need to look within, and connect to our true essence, in order to find peace.

Everyone has the potential to be happy, after all, we're all 'hardwired' for happiness. But how do we get there? By meditating. Not just in the morning, but throughout the day by introducing micro moments so we never drop the mindfulness ball, even when we're busy.

Meditation is more than just a stress-reduction tool or a relaxation therapy, it is the key to finding long-lasting happiness. Gelong Thubten, a Buddhist monk who has worked with everyone from Silicon Valley entrepreneurs to Ruby Wax and Benedict Cumberbatch, explores the theme of happiness in his debut book and explains how to bring meditation into our busy 21st century lives with simple exercises.

Author: Thubten, Gelong, Binding: Paperback, Imprint: Yellow Kite, Series: N/A, Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton, Published: 24/09/2020, Pagination: 256 pages, Classification: Humanities, Country of Publication: United Kingdom