When the Siren Wailed-9781510109896

When the Siren Wailed

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Published 2nd September

A thrilling and moving adventure story about evacuees in World War Two, perfect for readers of Goodnight Mister Tom'A compelling heart-warming story about three children in the Second World War - I loved it.' Jacqueline WilsonWhen war breaks out in September 1939, Laura, Andy and Tim Clark are evacuated to the countryside. The Colonel's comfortable home in Dorset is a huge contrast to their cramped terraced house in London, where their loving parents struggle to put the next meal on the table. Though unused to having children around, the Colonel proves to be a kind and generous, if gruff, guardian until a terrible turn of events means the kids must move on.

When they discover they are to live with Miss Justworthy, who is rumoured to feed her evacuees on cat food, Andy insists they can't risk staying. He persuades his sensible older sister and their little brother that they must run away, back to London and their mum. The children are shocked to see London now pitted with craters and ruined buildings.

And no sooner have they stepped off the train than the skies are lit by searchlights and filled with the crack of bombs and the glow of fires. How will they be able to find their mum in the middle of an air raid?A brilliantly page-turning read from the author of Ballet Shoes, based on her own real-life experience in the Second World War. Perfect for any child interested in wartime and classic adventure stories.

Author: Streatfeild, Noel, Binding: Hardback, Imprint: Orion Children's Books, Series: N/A, Publisher: Hachette Children's Group, Published: 02/09/2021, Pagination: 208 pages, Classification: For National Curriculum Key Stage 2, Country of Publication: United Kingdom