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How to Skim a Stone-9781529410495

How to Skim a Stone

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This is the ultimate guide to skimming a stone. Stone skimming is an art and a science: a brief distraction on a country walk and an international sport with highly competitive championships. Ralph Jones covered last year's World Stone Skimming Championships and here, he investigates the physics, the strategy and the philosophy behind the urge we all experience when we come across a body of water and some nice flat stones.

In this beautiful little book, you'll learn how to select the perfect stone, add just the right amount of spin, calculate the angle and measure the ideal distance to the first bounce on the water. Whether you're a rookie beginner or a seasoned pro, or somewhere in between, this delightful book will have you making ripples in no time.

Author: Jones, Ralph, Binding: Hardback, Imprint: Quercus Publishing, Series: Little Ways to Live a Big Life, Publisher: Quercus Publishing, Published: 10/09/2020, Pagination: 64 pages, n/a, Classification: Society & social sciences, Country of Publication: United Kingdom