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Winter : An Anthology for the Changing Seasons-9781783962525

Winter : An Anthology for the Changing Seasons

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Winter is a withdrawal: quiet and dark and cold. But in the dim light frost shimmers, stars twinkle and hearths blaze as we come together to keep out the chill. In spite of the season, life persists: visiting birds fill our skies, familiar creatures find clever ways to survive, and the world reveals winter riches to those willing to venture outdoors.; In prose and poetry spanning seven hundred years, Winter delights in the brisk pleasures and enduring beauty of the year's turning.

Featuring new writing from Patrick Barkham, Satish Kumar and Anita Sethi, extracts from the work of Robert Macfarlane, James Joyce and Kathleen Jamie, and a range of exciting new voices from across the UK, this invigorating collection evokes the joys and the consolations of this magical time of year

Published 20/10/2016 in the United Kingdom
Paperback | 208 pages