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Britannica All New Children's Encyclopedia : What We Know & What We Don't-9781912920471

Britannica All New Children's Encyclopedia : What We Know & What We Don't

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This substantial, gifty, and compellingly browsable kids encyclopedia takes Britannica's reputation for authentic, trustworthy information and brings it to a whole new audience. The gorgeous volume explores a wide range of child-friendly topics, using text, illustrations, infographics, and photography. In keeping with Britannica's reputation for expert involvement, each spread include a credit to the expert involved with its creation, and special features highlight some of the most intriguing unsolved puzzles in science, archaeology, history, and engineering.

Chapter subjects include Universe, Earth, Material World, Living World, Being Human, Ancient Civilizations, Medieval to Modern, and Today's World and Beyond.

Author: Lloyd, Christopher, Binding: Hardback, Imprint: What on Earth Books, Series: N/A, Publisher: What on Earth Publishing Ltd, Published: 01/10/2020, Pagination: 424 pages, 1500 Illustrations, color, Classification: Children's, young adult & educational, Country of Publication: