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Crossed Skis : An Alpine Mystery-9780712353311

Crossed Skis : An Alpine Mystery

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In London's Bloomsbury, Inspector Julian Rivers of Scotland Yard looks down at a dismal scene. Here is the victim, burnt to a crisp. Here are the clues - clues which point to a good climber and expert skier, and which lead Rivers to the piercing sunshine and sparkling snow of the Austrian Alps.

Yet there is something sinister beneath the heady joys of the slopes, and Rivers is soon confronted by a merry group of suspects, and a long list of reasons not to trust each of them. For the mountains can be a dangerous, changeable place, and it can be lonely out between the pines of the slopes... As with each of the novels published under E C R Lorac in the Crime Classics series, the author's sense of place is beautifully realised in all its breathtaking freshness, and she does not miss opportunities; there may be at least one high-stakes ski-chase before this chilling mystery can be put to rest.

Author: Carnac, Carol, Edwards, Martin, Format: Paperback, Imprint: British Library Publishing, Series: British Library Crime Classics, Publisher: British Library Publishing, Published: 10/04/2020, Pagination: 240 pages, Classification: Second World War, 1939-1945, Country of Publication: United Kingdom