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Finding My Voice : Nadiya's honest, unforgettable memoir-9781472259974

Finding My Voice : Nadiya's honest, unforgettable memoir

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'I am writing this for everyone who was told no. 'No, you are not rich enough.

No, that is not credible. No, you can't. No, you won't.

No, you are not allowed. No, that is not appropriate. I was told, "No, you do not belong." Finally, I am saying, "Yes, I do."'From the moment Nadiya Hussain was born, she has been questioning her role in life.

But the irony is, she never wanted to be a trailblazer. She just wanted to follow a 'normal' path. But life kept telling her 'you can't'.

And so she found her own way, beyond anything she dared to dream . . .

In this wise, witty, open-hearted book, Nadiya lets us into her life and, for the first time, shares the memories and experiences that have shaped her into the woman and role-model that she is today, alongside her personal recipes and the stories they tell. 'We all have a voice. Yours might be loud and strong, or quiet yet insistent.

I have always tried to use mine for the right reasons.'

Author: Hussain, Nadiya, Format: Paperback, Imprint: Headline Home, Series: N/A, Publisher: Headline Publishing Group, Published: 02/04/2020, Pagination: 352 pages, Classification: Biography & True Stories, Country of Publication: United Kingdom