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The Accidental Countryside : Hidden Havens for Britain's Wildlife-9781783351640

The Accidental Countryside : Hidden Havens for Britain's Wildlife

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In The Accidental Countryside, author and naturalist Stephen Moss makes a journey of discovery through Britain, in search of the hidden corners where wildlife survives against the odds. From Shetland's Iron Age stone structures to London's most modern skyscrapers, and from lowly railway cuttings to ornate stately gardens, Moss reveals the unlikely oases where wildlife thrives in areas originally created for human purposes. The result is a surprising and uplifting story of how we have influenced the landscape and wildlife of these crowded islands; and how wildlife has taken advantage of us - even when we least expected it.

Author: Moss, Stephen, Format: Hardback, Imprint: Guardian Faber Publishing, Series: N/A, Publisher: Guardian Faber Publishing, Published: 19/03/2020, Pagination: 272 pages, Classification: United Kingdom, Great Britain, Country of Publication: United Kingdom