Behind the Scenes at the Space Station : Experience Life in Space-9780241536377

Behind the Scenes at the Space Station : Experience Life in Space

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Defy gravity with an access-all-areas pass to the spectacular International Space Station with this behind-the-scenes guide to life in space. Have you ever wondered what life is like in the International Space Station? Or whether plants can grow in space? Or how astronauts go to the loo in zero gravity? Or what it feels like to orbit Earth at 17,500 mph?Then this may be the book for you!Revealing a new perspective into the world of space exploration and the daring astronauts who make it possible, Behind the Scenes at the Space Station takes you on a once-in-a-lifetime tour of the International Space Station, as well as other amazing space stations past and present. Learn what it takes to get to space and what astronauts do once they make it there, from experiments to repairs, and so muchmore! Soar straight into the pages of this all-encompassing space book to explore:-Over 400 exciting behind-the-scenes images showcasing the nooks and crannies of space stations and the work of the crews who call them home-Stunning pictures of life in outer space-Features past and present space stations, including China's Tiangong space station-Profiles the roles of the space station staff in space and back on Earth, such as mission control, astronaut, scientists, and engineersIn 2021, more than 23,000 people applied to the European Space Agency hoping to become an astronaut yet just 4-6 positions were available! Behind the Scenes at the Space Station is a treasure trove of information.

Did you know that during a 24-hour period, the International Space Station completes 16 orbits of Earth and the astronauts on board see 16 sunrises and sunsets everyday? Or that it is so enormous that it was launched in pieces and constructed in orbit? Brimming with awe-inspiring visuals, step-by-step explanations of everyday astronaut tasks, and job profiles of the adventurous people who make it happen, Behind the Scenes at the Space Station is the perfect way to experience life in space. A rare behind-the-scenes guide to the International Space Station and the work that goes on there, this book will seek to answer any and all questions about living and working in space from everyday tasks to truly miraculous experiences. A must-have volume for Children 9+ who are enthusiastic about space, astronomy, aeronautics, and space exploration as well as parents looking for a gift purchase to answer a curious child's questions about outer space, how astronauts live on space station, and the missions that they carry out!


Author(s): DK,
Binding: Hardback,
Date of Publication: 05/05/2022,
Pagination: 160 pages,
Series: N/A,
Imprint: DK Children,
Published By: Dorling Kindersley Ltd,
Book Classification: Reading age: from c 9 years,
ISBN13\EAN\SKU: 9780241536377