The Observologist : A handbook for mounting very small scientific expeditions-9781776575190

The Observologist : A handbook for mounting very small scientific expeditions

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A highly illustrated, playful field guide for budding natural scientists and curious observers of the world right under our noses. Observology is the study of looking. An observologist makes scientific expeditions, albeit very small ones, every day.

They notice interesting details in the world around them. They are expert at finding tiny creatures, plants and fungi. They know that water snails glide upside down on the undersurface of the water; not all flies have wings; earthworms have bristles; butterflies taste with their feet. An observologist knows that there are extraordinary things to be found in even the most ordinary places.

The Observologist puts over 100 small creatures and features of the natural world under the microscope, piquing our curiosity with only the most interesting facts. Subjects range from slugs, ants and seeds, fungi and flies through to bees and bird poop. But this is no everyday catalogue of creatures.

It is an antidote to boredom, an invitation out of the digital world and screentime, an encouragement to observe our environment, with care and curiosity, wherever we are. Facts combine with comics, detailed illustrations, science and funny stories in this unique, warm and fascinating account of the small things all around us. Graphic and comic illustrations with funny talking insects make this a playful and informative book for 7- to 11-year-olds and one to be treasured in the classroom. Giselle Clarkson has a comics and conservation background.

Through her unique sensibility you'll find that once you start thinking small, there's no limit to what you can notice right under your nose.


Author(s): Clarkson, Giselle, Clarkson, Giselle,
Binding: Hardback,
Date of Publication: 01/10/2023,
Pagination: 120 pages, Index; Diagrams; Illustrations, color,
Series: N/A,
Imprint: Gecko Press,
Published By: Gecko Press,
Book Classification: Children's, young adult & educational,
ISBN13\EAN\SKU: 9781776575190